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At MSS, we are dedicated to streamlining the process.

Our team of professionals will coordinate and meet with the physician's committees to determine and identify specific need, oversee purchasing and invoicing procedures, develop and submit a complete listing of the capital equipment and physician-requested equipment with budget pricing for approval, develop and distribute an "Equipment Manual" to all involved ... in short, assist wherever needed to ensure successful implementation of your plans.

Overview of the equipment planning process:

  • determine facility needs
  • architectural capital equipment review
  • determine physician specific equipment needs
  • develop capital equipment list and submit for approval
  • submit "Equipment Manual" for review
  • submit "overview" of clients required equipment
  • obtain approved budget from client
  • prepare "owner furnished" purchase orders and execute on owners behalf
  • develop sign-off and equipment handling work flow
  • assist with warehousing and staff for move-in day
  • MSS is on site move-in day
  • track back-orders and coordinate return of damage goods
  • assist in-service equipment training coordination
  • maintain copies of all project documention for future reference
We act basically as your agents, coordinating every detail, so you will be free to add precious hours back to your day.

Medical Source Systems, LLC
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